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Such blocks should have considerable rubble under them. Pushing a large slab of rock with enough force to overcome the gigantic friction would crush the slab before it would move.

Unless this happened quite rapidly, magma would cool, solidify, and plug up the crack. So, what concentrated enough heat to create the “hot pockets” and melt vast volumes of rock that erupted in the past?

Bent sedimentary rocks, found worldwide, often look as if they had the consistency of putty when they were compressed. Textbooks and museums frequently refer to some uplifting force that formed mountains.

They must have been squeezed and folded soon after the sediments were laid down, but before they hardened chemically. Can you see that an uplifting force, by itself, would not produce this pattern?

Hidden is the simple fact that less than 2,000 true annual layers can be counted—even with magnification. But what force could push a long, thick slab of rock and cause it to buckle and sometimes fold back on itself?

Any force large enough to overcome the gigantic frictional resistance at the base of a slab that is longer than 8 miles, would crush the end being pushed before movement could even begin. [See "Key Requirements for Folding Strata, Buckling Mountains, and Overthrusting" on page 204] We can see, especially in mountains and road cuts, thinly layered rocks folded like doubled-over phone books.

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